A&S-X (aka ANIME & SMOKE XTRA) is a Social Club, that also acts as a service.

As a "Club" we provide our members with a haven built based on their true common organic desires, and as a service we act as a median by matching the right groups to the right events.

This club is a community composed of monogamist, polygamists, and platonic individuals who all share a common passion for animation and/or gaming, and something XTRA.

Our rules are simple, we do not judge, and we do not accept negative acts, or negative intentions. You're welcome to recruit more like-minded individuals, but you are not allowed to share or reveal member-only details, and content.


  • Members-Only Content Access (Does not apply to NETWORK FEATURE PROJECTS)
  • Members-Only Portal
  • Members-Only itinerary
  • Complimentary Wine Cooler (Locally Redeemed Only)

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