BINGEATHON is a community where everyone can have fun binging together while earning prizes.

Win up to $600 worth in prizes every month, for only $10/m.


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Submissions and Guidelines
If you think you’ve got what it takes to compete with the best cosplayers on Twitch, we’d love to take your submission right here. There are just a few things you need to do to be eligible:

  • Stream your creation process on Twitch for a total of at least 15 hours
  • Highlight each of the broadcasts that showcase your work on your cosplay
  • Use the “Cosplay” tag when streaming and include “TwitchCon Amsterdam 2020 Cosplay Contest Entry” in the title of your broadcast

Please read full rules before submitting to the contest. Contest submissions begin 12 February 20 at 8:00 CET and end 20 March 2020 at 23:00 CET. Entrants must be 18+ and located in EEA, Switzerland, or UK. Other restrictions apply. See full Official Rules for additional details.


Grand Prize
€4,000 and a trip to compete as a finalist in the TwitchCon San Diego 2020 Cosplay Contest

This year, we’re excited to offer a €4,000 grand prize and a trip to compete as a finalist in the TwitchCon San Diego 2020 Cosplay Contest. The contest will also feature €2,000 prizes for each of the category winners: Needlework, Armor, FX, and Larger Than Life. plus a community’s choice winner who will receive €2,000.

Finalist Travel Info
We know that transporting your costumes and having assistance on site is important, so all finalists will get a TwitchCon badge for themselves plus one for an assistant, as well as a travel stipend.

Travel stipend for Needlework, Armor, and FX: €1000 and 2 tickets for each finalist

Travel stipend for Larger than Life: €2000 and 2 tickets for each finalist


When can I submit my entry? What are the key dates?
The submission portal will open in February, but you can start broadcasting and highlighting your streams for the costume that you plan to enter! Submissions will be open starting on 12 February. You can find the full list of key dates below:

  • Contest period: 12 February 2020 - 3 May 2020
  • Submissions open: 12 February 2020
  • Submissions close: 20 March 2020
  • Announce finalists: 31 March 2020
  • Finale at TwitchCon Amsterdam: 3 May 2020

As a Twitch Partner or Affiliate, can I participate? What if I’ve never streamed before?
Absolutely to all of the above! As long as you meet the minimum streaming requirements and follow the rules, you can participate.

What are the categories?
There are four categories: Larger than life, Needlework, Armor, and FX.

What if I have already started working on the cosplay?
Even if you have started, as long as you broadcast and highlight 15 hours of the process during the contest period you can enter.

What should the highlight focus on? What should be shown in the photo?
The 60 second highlight should show the act of creating the cosplay and the photo should focus on what the final piece will look like when worn. Feel free to include multiple pictures, showing multiple angles of the final piece. Do not submit photoshopped images!  Photoshopped images will NOT be considered during judging.

Why do we have to highlight our cosplay streams on Twitch?
A highlight is archived forever. This ensures that you’ve streamed the fabrication of part or all of your costume on Twitch and you have hit the 15 hour requirement.

Do you absolutely have to spend a minimum of 15 hours on just one prop/cosplay?
You can spend 15 hours on the costume and/or prop you plan to submit for the contest.

Are groups allowed to enter the competition? Can there be more than one person in the same costume?
If there are multiple people and multiple costumes, you can submit these as separate entries but not as one entry. If there are multiple people in one costume, ie Larger than Life made with multiple people, you can submit one entry from one person. If the cosplay is accepted into finalists or wins, the person who submitted the entry will receive the stipend or winnings.

Do I have to have the full cosplay completed by 12 February 2020 or can we work on it afterwards?
To be eligible, you have to have a costume complete or nearly complete, enough to give the judges an idea of the finished costume. You can finish and add details after submitting your entry and TwitchCon.

How are the finalists chosen? How does the onsite judging work?
The finalists are chosen by an internal team of Twitch employees who are craftspeople, cosplayers, and makers who have an understanding of the craftsmanship that goes into making a cosplay costume.

On-site judging will take place in front of a panel of cosplayers, prop makers, craftspeople, and enthusiasts who will determine the final category winners as well as the Grand Prize Winner.

The Fan Favorite winner will be chosen by a public vote during the stream using a Twitch extension for the audience watching to vote.

Are the prize money, travel stipends, and badges taxable?  
Yes. All prizes, including money, stipends and the value of TwitchCon badges are subject to tax reporting and payment requirements. Each winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying all applicable taxes related to the prizes.

My question isn’t answered! Where can I ask something else or for more clarification?
Feel free to email if you have any additional questions!