What is A&S F.E.?

A&S FANTASY ESPORTS is similar to fantasy sports, but with a digital and modern version to the old fashioned trading cards. Think "stocks" through "trading cards", based on multi-leveled gamers; in an NFL/NBA-type series of leagues.



Our Fantasy Program offers two ways to play... Card Drafts, and Offers.
F.E. Players have the option to buy the trading cards of the gamers they like "if still available" from the card store, then submit their cards into F.E. Pay drafts through two forms, Full Deck draft "that's all the cards you own versus other decks of cards", and there's Select Draft "that's when you select your best 8 and submit it to the draft, this selection can only be used once per two months unless you have repeat cards.
The network operates on a 5 season calendar year, and this applies to our Pro Season Trading Cards as well. Meanwhile, Open Season cards run year-round. Pro season cards can be traded while Open season cards cannot. Pro season cards only apply to the season you bought the cards and can only be used during the set season each year. In other words, you would have to buy cards from your fav gamers for each season. However, once you own them there's no need to rebuy season cards ever again for set gamer unless you've traded all your cards, or if the network deems your account fraudulent.

Open Season cards cost $5 per card, and pro season cards cost $20 each card per season. You can own up to 15 cards MAXIMUM on any gamer during each season, and for the entire duration of Open season. Pro season cards have a maximum trading value of $10,000 each. All trades and transactions have to include Network fees. Network Fees: (A&S 50%, The Gamer 35%, The Guild that they're part of 10%, and F.E. Guide %5)



Making money in this program is easy. You can Card Draft, or make Offers.

Card Draft: Two modes -
Offers: F.E. Players i.e "you", have the opportunity to make offers to the players at almost-any time. Currently, you may only offer General Offers. Gen. Offers

Player Ranking

KingGADOScore Lords-15105---
MetalMeerKats4~FREE AGENT~1010----
DraTerry93Krush Kill1010----
EliInTheHoodKrush Kill1010----
everlygail~FREE AGENT~1010----
ExalchionGolden Sticks1010----
King_Of_GamezStick Gods1010----
Kiracxx~FREE AGENT~1010----
LeastisaiahYT~FREE AGENT~1010----
LeastisaiahYT~FREE AGENT~1010----
MrZestyFilms~FREE AGENT~1010----
ClassicSchneiderPoint Brigade1010----
NenessRival Eaters1010----
Nina_skye93~FREE AGENT~1010----
omarii25Krush Kill1010----
QueenV3~FREE AGENT~1010----
SavageVoice~FREE AGENT~1010----
stephen.santiago~FREE AGENT~0-----
StrangeNano~FREE AGENT~1010----
TheGoatKidRick~FREE AGENT~1010----
TzReapKi Blasters1010----
dontaiviosDragon Grip1010----
carben270~FREE AGENT~1010----
FatBackAssBitxhKi Blasters1010----
Plssaygg~FREE AGENT~1010----
Gibboling02~FREE AGENT~1010----
Xboxgod114Stick Gods1010----
XxFlame_BoyxXScore Lords1010----
Yungatlzone3~FREE AGENT~1010----
Dmoney~FREE AGENT~1010----
SoulOfSalutationsDragon Grip1010----
King_miseryDragon Grip1010----
IanianianhseheGolden Sticks1010----
Scythe~FREE AGENT~1010----
Riosnxnja~FREE AGENT~1010----
AlecsanderMKi Blasters1010----
SpiFFy212~FREE AGENT~1010----
Fazedd on Brawlhalla~FREE AGENT~1010----
Gearhartfam~FREE AGENT~1010----
ShadowDreamer~FREE AGENT~1010----
Obreezy142Golden Sticks1010----
SportSimpDragon Grip0-----
250aGramStick Gods1010----
407hunt~FREE AGENT~1010----
BionStick Gods1010----
WolfgarDragon Grip1010----