Make Money

A&S aka ANIME & SMOKE is a new type of market. A promising, yet exciting one. We have built this platform as a open source to careers through fandom.
Below will be listed several different options on ALL the different Money making opportunities that we offer. have fun and great luck to you…
P.s. keep in mind, you might want to take this seriously, unfortunately as much as we cared enough to build the platform with means to make a living, we also want to keep it regulated for the ones who actually give it their all, so if you’re not planning on it, then don’t do it! Money related stuff is for sure a way to get BANNED from A&S. Might be the only way to get banned lol!



This is the most simple means to earning. Simply refer absolutely EVERYONE on the globe (except for minors) to A&S with your link affiliate link, and ean through whatever they patronize.
We are constantly adding new products and other items to our platform and shop, so stay on it.

Join the Affiliate Program.

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