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Xbox Live Gold 12 month subscription card is your key to the world of Microsoft entertainment. Thanks to this card you will be able to enjoy all the privileges of the gold account. These include not only access to one of …

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Xbox Live Gold 12 month subscription card is your key to the world of Microsoft entertainment. Thanks to this card you will be able to enjoy all the privileges of the gold account. These include not only access to one of the most robust social networks in the gaming industry but also discounted games, exclusive free offers, and the multiplayer experience. You won’t have to worry about missing the release of your favorite title, losing contact with friends you’ve made during an intense match, or not having enough funds to purchase a timeless classic.

Advanced social network

Xbox was one of the first gaming platforms to offer online social media functionality. Thanks to Xbox Live, players didn’t have to step away from the console to connect with their online peers. Everyone who had purchased a subscription was already there. With Xbox Live Gold, the player can make friends with gamers from all over the world.

Thanks to the advanced social network mechanics, connecting with other, like-minded people was never easier. You can chat with other gamers using the chatbox or connect with on voice chat. The easy connection is one of the best features of a gold account and one that will surely come in handy while playing in online multiplayer.

Xbox Live Gold 12 month

Enjoy the multiplayer gameplay

Online multiplayer is one of the main reasons why the player might be interested in purchasing a subscription. Playing games on your own is fun enough. But the true thrills begin when you connect with other players from around the world and try your skills in cooperative and competitive multiplayer. The console offers many games dedicated to multiplayer such as Battlefield 5, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and the Forza series. Test yourself against the best players in the online arenas and prove that you are the ultimate player. But don’t forget to have fun, since this is what all of this is about.

Free games every month

With an Xbox Gold subscription, each month you’ll get 2 to 4 games for free. Can you imagine? The best of the best titles the Microsoft console has to offer available to you, totally free-of-charge. These free games include timeless classics and more recent releases. If you’ve never stepped into the shoes of Master Chief or tried your driving skills on beautiful tracks in Forza, this may be your chance to do it. Experience the selection from the Xbox games catalog completely for free, all thanks to one-year Xbox Live membership.

Attractive discounts

Did you miss your monthly free game window? That’s okay. With Xbox Live Gold, the prices are never a problem. Many of the games offered on the platform are periodically discounted, and as a subscriber of gold service, you will be eligible for up to 75% discount on the titles offered by the platform.

Key features

  • Social network features! Connect with the players from around the world thanks to the Xbox Live GOLD account.
  • Multiplayer experience! Enjoy competitive and cooperative online gameplay with your friends.
  • Free games and discounts! Purchase the best titles from the Xbox catalog at attractive prices.
Warning! The full list of countries where the Live service is supported can be found HERE however the code cannot be activated in Romania and Cyprus.
Note! Xbox Live Card will extend your Gold subscription for 12 months. You may not be able to use this code if your subscription has 30 or less days left. We advise to wait until your subscription expires and then use the code.
Xbox Live Memberships have to be redeemed by PC, in order to activate code visit


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