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A&S is upgrading to AdFree Video Players

admin March 28, 2020

SO it is no lie that platforms like A&S is sustained from ads being placed throughout the site and it’s content. Though that may very well be true, GADO didn’t like the popups when pressing play, it lead some viewers to external links that we didn’t associate with, plus it lead to potential risks. SO a new system was set in place.
Captain decided that it would be best just have preRolls and offer the viewers instant-playing content instead. So much like Netflix and YouTube, now our content will play swiftly upon pressing play. Now this will take us a while and cost us some extra pennies to commit to the switch, but it will provide a better experience for the fans.

Currently Adventure Time season 1 is fully AdFree, and as well as New-comer-hentai OVERFLOW is also fully converted.
SO enjoy and don’t be afraid to support.


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